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A Hero's Journey
Season 1 - Episode 3
A Hero's Journey
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Two more great matchups this week, on the road to $100,000 and the title of Robot Combat League champion! 

First up this week, our first all-female team, as Keisha and Annika pilot Game Over against the fearsome-looking A.X.E. (complete with axe-blade for a head!). Team A.X.E. pairs robotics expert Ross with MMA Fighter Andrew. "Society really idolizes the athlete," says Ross, "but they forget about the mathlete." He says it's time for the engineers to be the real rock stars. A.X.E. really has the other teams really worried. Are they "over-cocky?" In the meantime, Annika and Keisha find themselves really underestimated by the other teams. Even robot-guru Mark notes that they're not quite on the same page. But they don't lack for confidence. "I cannot wait to knock that ugly head off their robot," Annika says.

As the match gets ready to begin, we see that A.X.E. isn't the only robot in this matchup with a signature head-shape. Game Over has a giant video-screen for a head, granting that extra intimidation factor that comes with the possibility that at any moment, Max Headroom could show up. Game Over also possesses an 8-inch height advantage over its opponent. Seriously, this beast is 8'7"! That's an actual monster.

Round 1 sees a furious flurry of action; lots of fists clanging into fists. A.X.E. busts an actuator on Game Over's arm. It's spewing hydraulic fluid everywhere ("like venom from a cobra!" says Chris Jericho). Bleeding but resilient, Game Over is still attacking, landing blows to that axe-head. Keisha's furious blows end up knocking some armor off of A.X.E. The round bell sounds, and Game Over is standing in a pool of its own hydraulic fluid, but it survived. The other competitors don't know who came out on top in that round, though, as Jericho notes, there is way more damage to Game Over that needs fixing between rounds.

Going into Round 2, Game Over has lost the function of its left arm, which is going to be quite the disadvantage. Meanwhile, MMA fighter Andrew doesn't even want to get into a third round. He wants to end it now. The round starts, and once again, both teams are really aggressive. Keisha and Andrew are taking huge swings. Game Over starts bleeding again, and Ross keeps trying to get that axe-head to smash Game Over's TV screen. All that head-action must've made A.X.E. an easy target, though, because a well-placed roundhouse from Keisha knocks that head clean off! Headless or not, however, Andrew continues to land huge shots, and soon enough, Game Over is once-again swimming in its own hydraulic fluid. Still, that visual of knocking A.X.E. head off has the crowd giving that round to Game Over. In between rounds, Game Over's dead-arm issue is even more serious, while A.X.E. gets its head back. Meanwhile, Team Crash's Amber and Dave advise Team Game Over on how to operate with a dead arm.

As Round 3 begins, A.X.E. comes out strong, while Game Over's arms are flailing wildly. Keisha's not going down without a fight! She's taking big swings and manages to knock more armor off of A.X.E. This final round is CRAZY competitive, and when the bell sounds, there's a lot of uncertainty about the winner. The judges' final (unanimous) decision: Team A.X.E. is the winner! 

There's a touch of celebrity to the second match of the night, as #6 seed Robo Hammer takes on #7 Drone Strike. Drone Strike pairs rocket-scientist Fazul with professional gamer Ciji, while Robo Hammer pairs Saura with MMA fighter Amanda Lucas. Amanda is the daughter of legendary filmmaker George Lucas, who shows up to visit his daughter while she trains. He gives her a bit of coaching -- he even advises her to plan a "good whack up the crotch" as a part of her attack.

It's not the crotch of Drone Strike that Amanda's gotta worry about. Those gatling guns on Drone Strike's fists are pretty serious -- they also give it additional reach. As the fellow competitors observe, the last fight we saw between a gamer and an MMA fighter, the gamer went down. Does this bode well for Robo Hammer?

Amanda comes out punching in Round 1, and Robo Hammer is definitely the aggressor early on. Drone Strike is actually retreating. Or is it just regrouping? Drone Strike comes back with a vengeance! One particular punch is a direct hit to Robo Hammer's midsection, and Robo Hammer just crumples. It's nearly incapacitated, and it's gushing fluid as well. Amanda continues to swing away, but it's Ciji flailing like a gamer possessed that is doing the most damage. The judges stop fight with 30 seconds to go in the round. "I smell oil, I smell hydraulics, I smell gas. I smell defeat," says Chris Jericho.

Twenty minutes to fix Robo Hammer, and it's a tall order. Announcer Dave Farra says it's the most damage ever done to a robot in Round 1. Team Robo Hammer think Drone Strike just landed one lucky shot, but that one lucky shot really did a lot of harm. Mark says they have to transplant out FIVE actuators. They try their best to get Robo Hammer functional, but when the 20 minutes are up, Robo Hammer can't answer the bell. Your winners, by knock-out: Drone Strike!

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