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The Next Level of Carnage
Season 1 - Episode 5
The Next Level of Carnage
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Another great matchup this week on the road to $100,000 and the title of Robot Combat League champion! Tonight, we're kicking off the quarterfinal round!

Chris Jericho gathers the teams and gives them a round of applause for surviving Round 1, then he sends them off to Dave Farra for a Powerup Challenge. The teams have to repair a robot in the quickest time, and the prizes for the winners are pretty sweet: the winning team gets to choose their opponent in the next round OR leave that matchup to fate and instead pick one of an array of BOSS hand attachments. There are blades and clubs and one that looks like a drillbit. The contestants are absolutely salivating. "This is a challenge for weapons," says Dave from Team Crash, "And I like weapons." 

The teams race through the challenge, where they have to attach one regular fist and one weapon-fist to a sparring robot. Most of the teams struggle when it comes to flipping the switch that allows the hands to be attached, so everybody thinks they could have been faster. Team Crash continues their streak of not being very impressive in challenges, while Team A.X.E. is jittery and don't think they did well. But guess what? Team A.X.E. wins! So they're definitely going to pick a weapon as their reward, right? All the other contestants are saying that's the way to go. But NO, Andrew and Ross decide they want to choose their opponent! Everybody else's heads explode. "If we pick the fight, we really get to control who gets to go up against our strength," says Ross. 

Later on, the teams debate Team A.X.E.'s decision. Team Brimstone's Devonric thinks a weapon doesn't mean much, but Team Crash's Dave says that while a weapon doesn't help a bad fighter, a good fighter makes a weapon suuuuper dangerous. Kyle once again starts railing against the athletic ones, interviewing about how he doesn't think Andrew is THAT great a fighter. When the teams are gathered back together, Team A.X.E. makes their choice: they want Scorpio. Chris and Diana are stunned that they just got called out. "Didn't you guys see Round 1?" Chris asks, incredulously. "Commander's over there. He's in half." But some of the other contestants are just as wary of A.X.E. Like Ashley, who says, "I do not want to face A.X.E.. That one is not only a beasty robot that has an A.X.E., but it's also being operated by a beasty guy that knows how to fight." Still, Diana promises to cute A.X.E. in half, just like they did to Commander. 

As part of their training, Chris and Diana are taking dance lessons together. They say it's a big help with their coordination and teamwork. They want to be able to anticipate each other's movements. Are Ross and Andrew taking dance classes together? No, Andrew is content to rely on his sweet MMA skills. He says he's not scared of Scorpio's razor-fists. 

Maybe he should've been, because as the match begins, Scorpio's blades are tearing into A.X.E., and the sturdy robot is taking some damage. Still, A.X.E. is holding position, allowing Andrew to knock Scorpio's armor off. Scorpio gets a blade wedged under A.X.E.'s shoulder armor and is stuck for a second. There is a lot of damage being done to both robots. Scorpio is losing a lot of armor to Andrew's punishing attack, but it is managing to slice those blades into A.X.E.'s midsection. Then, as the round is about to expire, Diana swings big and Scorpio makes a big slice at A.X.E. ... and A.X.E. is cut in half!

The crowd goes nuts -- nobody can believe that Scorpio did it AGAIN. Another opponent cut in half. As Chris Jericho says, it is "Déjà vu all over again!" The other teams begin to question Andrew and Ross's tactic of going toe-to-toe with Scorpio. Maybe they should have evaded more? Kept away from those blades? Team A.X.E. has no time to second-guess, though. They have 20 minutes to repair their robot or else they're toast. With 5 actuators broken, our Robot Guru Mark Setrakian sees a huge challenge ahead of them. As Dave Farra says, "If they manage to piece A.X.E. back together, they are true wizards of robotics."

Andrew and Ross have got to wonder if maybe calling out Scorpio was the wrong call. They're scrambling to fix A.X.E., but they're bleeding time. When it comes down to the time limit, they can't get their robot put back together in time. The winners, with their second consecutive KO: Team Scorpio! Guess all that dancing paid off!

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