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Kicking Bot
Season 1 - Episode 6
Kicking Bot
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Another two great matchups this week, on the road to $100,000 and the title of Robot Combat League champion! Tonight, it's our final quarterfinal matchups!

In our first matchup, 4th seed Brimstone goes up against 12th seeded Crash and its upstart team, father-daughter duo Amber and Dave. Their strategy now? Be aggressive. They'll pretty much have to, since they're up against Devonric and Russell of Team Brimstone. The typically enthusiastic Devonric is pumped up and brimming with confidence. Amber thinks Devonric talks a lot, but she thinks he's going to have to back it up. The experts see this matchup as the most well-protected robot (Crash, with that steel outer cage) against the robot with the best offense (Brimstone). "$100,000 would be great," says Amber, "but really, I'm here to win this for my Dad." 

Early on in Round 1, Amber hits Brimstone so hard that Crash's arm snaps at the elbow. Soon enough, both teams are leaking hydraulic fluid, and while Devonric keeps swinging, nothing is connecting. Amber is boxing him in, not letting up. Her aggression pays off, since a hard shot to Brimstone actually starts a small fire in its midsection! Both machines take serious damage in Round 1, but Dave Farra says Crash took the round. 

After some tense moments with Team Brimstone, they are able to get their robot repaired in time for Round 2. Crash's right shoulder is now exposed, and Devonric makes sure to target that. He lands a direct hit, but Amber is still swinging away. "It's the most even round we've ever seen in the Robot Combat League," says Dave Farra. In final seconds of the round, Brimstone ruptures an actuator, but that doesn't dampen Devonric's enthusiasim at all. "You're gonna have to knock me out in order to win," he shouts. Amber is no less confident, though, even if she's not hollering about it. And with good reason, since she totally lets LOOSE in Round 3! Soon enough, Crash scores a direct hit to Brimstone's midsection, which has Brimstone exploding, on fire, and crumpled in half. Amber and Dave win by KO! "I feel sorry for whoever faces us in the third round," says Dave. Looks like somebody's taking over for boastful Devonric! 

In the second match of the night, 7th seed Drone Strike takes on 8th seed Steampunk. Ciji, of Team Drone Strike, and Ashley, of Team Steampunk, have become close pals as the tournament has gone on, and Ciji doesn't want to have to beat up on her friend. But it's all about the robots here, and that's how the two women see it. 

In Round 1, both teams work very hard to establish position in the ring. "Both teams locked up like a criminal," says Chris Jericho. Steampunk's Kyle is doing a great job of putting the robot into position so that Ashley can capitalize with her punching. Drone Strike breaks an arm, which has Ciji fighting at a disadvantage. Drone Strike is saved by the ring bell, but Ciji and Fazlul have to scramble to get the arm fixed between rounds. 

In Round 2, Steampunk delivers huge shots right out the gate -- it looks like it's cracked Drone Strike's center actuator. Drone Strike retreats, but they're in serious trouble. The round gets stopped for excessive damage, with Drone Strike slumped over. Between rounds, Team Drone Strike is scrambling to repair, while Team Steampunk is just shining their robot up. Kyle is REALLY confident that the match is going to get called, but Ashley -- ever the mom -- tells him not to get cocky. 

And indeed, Drone Strike manages to get patched up enough to make it back to the ring for Round 3. In the final round, Ciji is swinging wildly and going for broke. She knows they're behind and need to score a knockout.  But Steampunk is still being so aggressive, and has Drone Strike retreating. "We can do it!" Ciji screams over and over, but ... can they? At some point, Drone Strike is so damaged that it simply cannot move anymore. The crowd goes wild as their favorite, Steampunk, is declared the winner! 

Next week: Semifinals! We're getting closer!

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