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Season 1 - Episode 8
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Two more great matchups this week, on the road to $100,000 and the title of Robot Combat League champion! We've arrived at the semifinals, and the stakes have never been higher. 

In the first matchup, 11th seed Scorpio is up against 12th seeded Crash. Scorpio has literally slashed its way through its competition, cutting opponents in half with its razor fists. Team Crash has been underestimated the entire tournament, but they're certainly tough. Dad-and-daughter Dave and Amber have survived Dave's throat cancer and Amber's episode with kidney failure. 

The new twist in the semifinals is that the teams get to use weapon attachments in Round 3. Chris from Team Scorpio personally can't wait to load that drillbit-shaped "Christmas tree" onto Scorpio's arm. Crash's weapon is less flashy, but the wedge attachment could still do some damage. 

Once the match starts, both robots are getting big blows in early. A barrage of rights from Amber manages to bust Scorpio's midsection open, though Crash's arm breaks in the process. Scorpio is SPEWING fluid; it's spraying all over. The ring is soaked. Crash knocks Scorpio's front plate open, so now Scorpio is totally exposed. Undeterred, Diana continues to relentlessly punch her way out of trouble. Crash gets hit bad enough that it can't move. Chris tries to move Scorpio in for the kill, but there is too much fluid on the ring, and ultimately, the round is stopped. 

After a hugely damaging first round, Crash has a broken torso actuator and a broken arm actuator. Meanwhile, on Team Scorpio, Diana is freaked out by losing that chest plate, and they also have a damaged torso actuator. Out in the crowd, Steel Cyclone's George wants a rematch with Crash in the finals. Both robots manage to get back out there for Round 2, though Scorpio is barely held together with tape. They just need to make it to Round 3, Chris says, so they can use that weapon attachment. Crash is aggressive again, but Diana's huge swings are once again dangerous, too. Amber is going low on Scorpio, once again knocking off that chest armor. Chris is really being evasive, keeping Scorpio away from harm but still allowing hits with elbow blades from backhand shots. Dave manages to move Crash back into better position, and now Crash is landing shot after shot under Scorpio's damaged chest armor. Scorpio is shaking and convulsing, but: Saved by the bell! Round 2 is over, which means if both teams can make their repairs, it's on to the weapons round!

In between rounds, Amber is shaken up by a dizzy spell. Dave checks on her and gets her something to drink, but that had to have been a scary moment for Team Crash. 

The question is, can these robots survive to the weapon round?? Team Scorpio is once again being held together with tape as they try to keep that chest armor on. Meanwhile, Team Crash's strategy is to use their weapon to defend against Scorpio's weapon. As Round 3 begins, Crash is on offensive and is back up under Scorpio's armor almost immediately. But the Christmas tree makes its presence felt, busting open Crash's arm. Crash's arm is now hanging by a thin thread. Also? That Christmas tree is useful for poking through Crash's exoskeleton. Scorpio's armor is once again off, leaving it totally exposed. Crash is landing shots to that exposed chest, and now Scorpio needs their weaponized arm for defense. But Scorpio remains standing at the final bell. 

SO WHO WON?? The judges' decision is very close, but  the winner is...CRASH! Amber and Dave celebrate their spot in the finals. 

Now it's time for Match 2, pitting Steampunk against the wild-card Steel Cyclone. As the match begins, Team Steampunk's Ashley goes to work early, drawing sparks from  the Cyclone. Cyclone starts leaking early, and that leak becomes a spray. Poor George gets hydraulic fluid right in the face. Cyclone's right arm is disabled, and Steampunk is able to pound Cyclone atop its head, almost like it's giving Cyclone a noogie! Chris Jericho is impressed. Cyclone has a strategy to fight back, however, as Bayaono starts coming down on Steampunk's exposed shoulders with a chopping motion. So now Steampunk loses its arm function and may have busted a hose as well. By the time the round ends, there is a LOT to fix. 

Steampunk's hose is indeed severed. Mark Setrakian says there's no time to properly fix it, so they just stuff Steampunk with towels to absorb the fluid and hopefully plug it up. As Round 2 starts, Steampunk is leaking before any contact is made. It looks like Cyclone is positioning to attack Steampunk's arms again. Steampunk fights back and Cyclone springs another geyser leak. So now, both robots are spewing. As the round closes, a flurry of punches has fluid, sparks, fire, everything shooting out of those robots!

In Round 3, it's weapons time! Steampunk is using its newfound reach to get into Cyclone's midsection. BUT 'Punk breaks their weapon arm (so did Crash -- those weapons look heavy!), so now that weapon is pretty much useless. "Now it's hanging like a piece of spaghetti!" says Chris Jericho.  Cyclone, meanwhile, goes back to chopping, looking to damage the other arm. By the time the final round is over, Steampunk is on fire! 

The judges' decision could not have been closer: 86-85 in favor of Steampunk! Ashley in tears as she and Kyle are now headed for the finals. It's going to be Crash vs. Steampunk next week! Be there. 

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