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One of the three most powerful Abnormals in earth, Kanaan is one of the hyperspecies Abnormals that has a spiritual avatar in the spirit realm. He is a gigantic, finned, reptile-like Abnormal that resides in lava. He can manipulate seismic activity, allowing him to create and destroy areas of Hollow Earth, and he was likely the Abnormal who created a shockwave that stopped Kali's tidal wave from killing countless people. Ranna Seneschal, the leader of the secret Hollow Earth city of Praxis, communes directly with Kanaan for the good of Praxis.

Recently, Kanaan began dying, and Ranna Seneschal was helpless to stop it. Worse yet, Kanaan's death would have probably cost Praxis its existence, considering Kanaan's relationship and control of the surrounding earth and magma. Helen Magnus was able to work with Ranna to remove the parasite that was killing Kanaan.

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