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Cabalis Nocturnum, or "The Cabal"

Cabalis Nocturnum, or

Not much was known about the Cabalis Nocturnum, a secret society that many Abnormals referred to simply as the Cabal. However, it was known that the Cabal was ruthless, powerful, and incredibly dangerous. The Cabal had been around for ages, its leaders typically being the powerful, wealthy figures of society. The group not only employed evil scientists and criminal enterprises to augment its power, but even wielded its own armies of Abnormals. The leaders of the Cabal used their immense resources to wage a war spanning the entire globe in order to gain unparalleled power and influence.

Kidnapping Helen Magnus' daughter, Ashley, and using rare Vampire Source Blood, they turned Ashley into a superabnormal, brainwashed to serve the Cabal. Ashley led a group of Cabal superabnormals to destroy almost every Sanctuary site on earth, before Helen's team came up with a way to stop the superabnormals. Unfortunately this war caused Ashley's death, as she ultimately remembered who she was in a brief moment, as she was about to kill Helen, and she decided to kill herself, rather than let her brainwashed body kill her mother.

After the struggle, Ashley's father, John Druitt, went on a rampage around the world, killing everyone associated with the Cabal. This effectively ended the war, as no Cabal member had been heard from since. But the evil work they left behind still rears its destructive head from around the world from time to time.

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