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Edward Forsythe

Edward Forsythe

Although he was only one man, and his forces were small, Edward Forsythe quickly became one of the greatest threats to the Earth. He controlled formidable soldiers, weapons, and technology, but his greatest asset was a psychic connection to one of the most powerful hyperspecies Abnormals on the planet, Big Bertha.

Forsythe inserted a small psychic creature, a Macri, into his body to connect him to Big Bertha, and this link allowed Forsythe to use Bertha's considerable abilities to affect magnetics and create horrifying volcanic eruptions and tsunamis.

Helen Magnus was able to find Forsythe to try to convince him to stop Bertha, as the rest of the Sanctuary power base began an attack on Bertha, but Forsythe informed Magnus that the Macri in him died, which was also dooming him to die. As his last act, Forsythe decided to finally do good, and he sacrificed himself by taking his ship into the path of a Sanctuary missile attack on Bertha, drawing their fire. The attack on Bertha ended up being smaller due to Forsythe's distraction, so Bertha survived.

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