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International Sanctuary Sites

International Sanctuary Sites

Several international facilities exist, though most of them, starting with the Tokyo Sanctuary, were compromised in the Cabal onslaughts. The most prominent, after the US Sanctuary, is the UK. Sherlock Holmes, whose actual name is Dr. James Watson, was in charge of the UK Sanctuary, but Declan MacRae has been the acting head of Sanctuary UK since Dr. James Watson died while on a journey to retrieve the last guarded sample of Source Blood. Other Sanctuaries exist or are being rebuilt in Japan, India and Canada.

Currently, one of the most important Sanctuary Sites is the Mumbai Sanctuary. Working there with Mumbai head Dr. Ravi, the Sanctuary team was able to investigate the Cult of Kali and learn how to commune with Big Bertha/Kali, one of the most powerful Abnormals on earth.

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