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After an ancient war with the Vampires, a group of humans and non-Vampire Abnormals created the city of Praxis, and safeguarded it against Vampires, or anyone with vampire Source Blood. Praxis is the last Abnormal stronghold, a bastion of Abnormal knowledge and powers, hidden within Hollow Earth, under the planet's surface.

Hidden away from the world of surface humans and Vampires, the denizens of Praxis never suffered the eons of wars that afflicted the earth's surface. Instead, the city continued developing its technology, knowledge, and Abnormal powers over the ages, making it the most advanced Earth city by far. When human civilization was in its infancy, Praxis already had airships and railways. Today, its technology is unparalleled.

The citizens of Praxis run the gamut from humans to peaceful and passive reptilians to hyper advanced, camouflaged Abnormals who are ideal for combat. The city is also overseen by one of the three most powerful Abnormals on or in the Earth: The hyperspecies Abnormal Kanaan, an enormous creature that holds the ability to make or destroy huge areas of Hollow Earth under the planet's surface. The leader of Praxis, Ranna Seneschal, communes psychically with Kanaan.

Praxis was recently in a struggle for its very existence. Kanaan lay dying. A powerful enemy, Adam Worth, led a rebellion in the city. And the city made desperate attempts to keep itself secret in the face of disaster. Thanks to a collaboration with Helen and the Sanctuary team, Praxis was narrowly saved from these threats, although Ranna is still largely mistrusting of surface dwellers.

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