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The Sanctuary

The Sanctuary

Dr. Helen Magnus founded the Sanctuary as a scientific institution that encourages tolerance and learning. She has gathered a team of brilliant and capable people to help make the Sanctuary a place where even the most tortured and confused Abnormals can find peace, answers, and hope for the future. Just like many of the Sanctuary's permanent residents, Magnus' team members can be so brilliant or talented that they are often misunderstood by mainstream society, and Magnus often must work to help her own team members and even her family to feel like they belong.

Recently, this group gathered for research and exploration purposes has suddenly found itself fighting for survival against a series of powerful and mysterious enemies. The first enemy was known as the Cabal, and they strove to decimate and control all Abnormals. They nearly destroyed the entire Sanctuary Network before Helen and her team were able to stop the Cabal, and the struggle cost Helen the life of her daughter. The second enemy was a team led by a man known as Edward Forsythe, who aimed to control Big Bertha, one of the most powerful Abnormals in existence. Before that struggle was done, Helen was ousted as Sanctuary leader and had to fight her way back in. The most recent enemy was Adam Worth, aka Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, and the struggle was over the powerful city of Praxis, in Hollow Earth.

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