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The Spirit Realm

The Spirit Realm

There is a place where humans can commune with the three most powerful, hyperspecies Abnormals on Earth. This is not a physical place, but a psychic, or spirit plane.

One of these spirit realm hyperspecies Abnormals is Kali/Big Bertha, an enormous, crab-like creature that lives in the ocean and wields power over tectonic plates. Another of these Abnormals is Kanaan, a gargantuan, lava-dwelling creature that resembles a cross between a whale and reptile. Kanaan can create or destroy huge areas of Hollow Earth. The third great Abnormal is yet unknown.

While at least two of these Abnormals are giant, non-humanoid creatures that would not understand human speech, here in the spirit realm, humans can interact with these Abnormals' spiritual avatars, which take human form. Also, here, these Abnormals (through their spiritual avatars) can appear to interact with the communing humans through regular speech. So a communing human could appeal to these Abnormals to stop using their destructive powers, or to ask the Abnormals to use their powers for good, or to simply have a rational dialog. With so many powerful people now vying for power across the earth through the use or control of Abnormals, communing with these spirit realm Abnormals is becoming more important than ever.

To get to this spirit realm may require great sacrifice for normal humans. For instance, to commune with Kali, you need to become the host of a small Abnormal called the Macri. And once the Macri leaves you, you will almost certainly die as a side effect. If the Macri dies, but you were once its host (and you survived), you can commune with Kali one more time, by dying, or simulating death by stopping your heart.

Humans can come to this spirit realm for reasons independently of the three major Abnormals, however. For instance, Gregory Magnus passed on a message to the Sanctuary team, by delivering the message to Will Zimmerman while they were both in the spirit realm.

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