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The Dark Ages of All

The Late 400s AD to The 1800s AD

The Dark Ages of All

While humans can be amazing thinkers, builders, and artists, they can also be skittish, fearful, and illogically destructive. Despite the period of peace and prosperity brought by the cooperation between humans and Abnormals, humanity eventually grew afraid of the powerful beings that held so much power in their society. Humans began a great purge of Abnormals. This lead to the Dark Ages for both the humans and for the Abnormals they hunted.

The last remaining Vampires escaped to the Himalayas. There, using the knowledge they had retained for centuries, they built the now-lost city of Bhalasaam, where they kept their culture, their sciences, their history. Unfortunately, though, this small group of survivors did not manage to last long enough to bring their race back from the brink.

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