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The Dawn of the Five

Late 1800s

The Dawn of the Five

Gregory's daughter, Helen Magnus, carried on her father's research into Abnormals. She collected four bold colleagues willing to push the limits of acceptable research with her, and this group became known as The Five. But The Five did not just study Abnormals; they took their research to the next step, using something Helen had access to thanks to her father: a rare sample of Pure Vampire Source Blood.

The Five did something radical with the Blood to understand the world they loved: They turned themselves into Abnormals. Each was injected with the rare Source Blood, and the Blood gave them amazing Abnormal powers. Only one of The Five became a typical vampire as we know it today. Another of The Five gained Invisibility, another gained the ability to Teleport, and another became a Genius. Helen, herself, became a forever-young Immortal.

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