SanctuaryField Guide


The Discovery of the Cabal

Early 2000s

The Discovery of the Cabal

In the autumn of 2008, Dr. Magnus completed her Sanctuary team when she hired profiler Dr. William Zimmerman to help rehabilitate troubled Abnormals. On the team's very first outing together as a group, they found and retrieved the Morrigan, a trio of sisters who together wield a mysterious and massively destructive Abnormal power. Even more dangerous than the sisters, however, was the group that claimed ownership over them.

A secret society called the Cabal, which held the Morrigan prisoner until the Sanctuary team found them, brought an army of heavily armed human soldiers and Abnormal creatures, to attack the Sanctuary and reclaim the Morrigan. This was the first of a series of battles between those of the Sanctuary, who would protect and free Abnormals, and those of the Cabal, committed to genocide.

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