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The Fall of the Five and the Vampire Extermination

Late 1800s to the Early 1900s

The Fall of the Five and the Vampire Extermination

Just as progress for Abnormals began again, the movement collapsed for several tragic reasons.

Not all of The Five adjusted well to their new Abnormal states. A side effect of the Teleportation ability turned Five member John Druitt - Helen's fiance - into an insane killer that history would remember as Jack the Ripper. Members of The Five became mortal enemies even before they realized it, as the Genius of The Five, Dr. James Watson, began to investigate and hunt Jack the Ripper without knowing it was his colleague Druitt.

In 1888, once Druitt was discovered to be the killer, Helen had to confront and stop her former beloved. After tracking him down and seeming to permanently defeat him, the heartbroken Dr. Helen Magnus moved out of England. Even worse, the city The Five counted on for Abnormal research, Bhalasaam, was about to be destroyed.

By the beginning of the 20th century, in the time of European turmoil, and at the height of human paranoia that lead to World War I, the combined military forces of Russia, France, and Spain were brought to bear in Bhalasaam, where they spent days bombarding the last city of Vampires until it was no more. All the knowledge and history contained there was destroyed in the bombardment, and the only vestige left was one small sample of their Blood. After that, the hidden city of Praxis, deep in Hollow Earth, became the last stronghold of ancient Abnormal knowledge.

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