SanctuaryField Guide


The Rise of the Sanctuary

The 1900s to the Early 2000s

The Rise of the Sanctuary

In the Pacific Northwest territory of the USA, Dr. Magnus created her new home, which also became the Sanctuary for All. Here, one of the last powerful Abnormals on earth would invite all other Abnormals to come and live in peace. Here, any Abnormal could be rehabilitated, and could learn about themselves, and come to terms with their abilities. And here, any dangerous Abnormal resembling Druitt in bloodlust would be brought to be kept safely under lock and key, away from potential victims.

For many years, Dr. Magnus worked in relative peace this way, traveling the world and finding Abnormals who needed a refuge from humanity. She even began raising her daughter, Ashley, during this time. Of course, there's nothing peaceful about monster hunting, or finding ways to contain fire elementals and other violent Abnormals, or raising a gunslinger daughter as a teammate. But the routine of that type of work was peaceful compared to the battle that was quite literally about to land in her yard.

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