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The Shaking of the World

2010 to Present

The Shaking of the World

One of the three most powerful and dangerous Abnormals on Earth is a mysterious undersea being referred to by the Sanctuary network as "Big Bertha." She's an enormous, highly intelligent, psychic, crab-like creature, a hyperspecies Abnormal who can affect magnetic fields and tectonic plates around the world. So powerful she was deemed a danger to the entire Earth, Big Bertha was targeted for death by the Sanctuary network, and Helen Magnus was assigned to the task. She supposedly completed her objective, but Magnus realized that Big Bertha was also too important to kill, so she simply kept Big Bertha alive in secret. This, however, started a race that would literally shake the world.

Three factions began vying for Big Bertha, and Bertha herself reacted quite strongly to everyone trying to control her. An ancient group called The Cult of Kali had revered Bertha for ages, learning to foretell disasters by communicating psychically with Bertha, whom they call Kali. The Cult aimed to bring harmony to the earth by sequestering the means to commune with her again during this critical time. The Sanctuary's aim was to kill Bertha to preserve the planet, although Magnus actually stood apart from her own Sanctuary network on this goal. A third party, lead by a mysterious man of wealth and power named Edward Forsythe, aimed to gain control of Bertha to take control of the world. Bertha rose up angrily in the face of all this, and caused volcanoes to explode, tidal waves to surge, the world's magnetic field to shift, and new islands to form in the ocean during her wrath. In addition to the physical destruction this caused, Bertha's unrest caused many wild and powerful Abnormals to go crazy around the world and rampage like beasts, in plain view of regular mortals.

Before the struggle was over, every faction had suffered greatly, as did the world. One of Big Bertha/Kali's tidal waves decimated the coast of India, and while most people were evacuated in time, many neighborhoods were destroyed completely by the tsunami. The Macri, the sacred Abnormal that the Cult used to commune with Kali, died, spelling an incalculable loss to the Cult. The ranks of the Sanctuary were shaken up; Terrance Wexford had usurped power from Magnus to try and destroy Bertha, and it took a mutiny to take back power from him. Wexford had launched missiles that injured Big Bertha, causing more destruction than good. Edward Forsythe, dying from a side effect of taking the Macri into himself temporarily, decided to do one act of good before he died, and he sacrificed himself and his ship to save Bertha, drawing one of Wexford's missile attacks that were intended for Bertha.

And most importantly, Will Zimmerman had to simulate death by having his heart stopped, in order to commune with Kali on the spirit realm, to convince her to stop her next deadly tidal wave. While in the spirit realm, he encountered the human-avatars of the three most powerful Abnormals on earth (including Kali/Bertha). And more mysteriously, he encountered Gregory Magnus, Helen's father. Will had convinced Kali to stop her tidal wave, but Wexford's attack on Kali weakened her before she could do so. However, powerful shockwaves, assumingly from one of the other most powerful Abnormals, rose and stopped Kali's tidal wave. This event on the spirit realm would have huge ramifications after this struggle.

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