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The Struggle For Hollow Earth

2010 - 2011

The Struggle For Hollow Earth

While on the spirit realm, Will Zimmerman encountered Helen's father, Gregory Magnus, something that hardly seemed possible. But there, Gregory gave Will the clues that lead Helen to discover her father's huge secret.

Gregory had been residing in a secret city called Praxis, deep in Hollow Earth under the surface of the planet. Praxis is an incomprehensibly advanced city of Abnormals, founded and hidden there since their ancient war against Vampires. Completely isolationist and living in secret, the city's citizens thrived and maintained their knowledge because they removed themselves from the world of wars that ravaged the surface. And one of the largest and most powerful hyperspecies Abnormals in existence, Kanaan, watches over the city.

Praxis's greatest asset - secrecy - is also its main weakness, however. Even when Kanaan himself lay dying of unknown causes, Ranna Seneschal, the leader of Praxis, did not call for outside help, as she felt the city's secret existence must never be revealed to surface dwellers. Gregory, who is humanity's emissary to Praxis, went to meet Will in the spirit realm to call for Magnus's help, when it was clear that Kanaan and Praxis were in trouble. Although he only intended to save the people of Praxis, Ranna accused him of betraying Praxis, and Ranna ordered the execution of all the Sanctuary team members, including Magnus, when they arrived at the city.

The team was eventually revived, however, and Magnus decided to use her vast knowledge of Abnormals to help Ranna, in order to save Kanaan and Praxis. She did so in exchange for a remedy to the radiation poisoning she suffered from an incident with the final piece to the Praxis struggle: Adam Worth.

Adam Worth was the genius inspiration for Dr. Jekyll/Mr. Hyde, and he was one of the most dangerous people on earth. Although the people of Praxis actually rescued Worth when he was found near the city on the brink of death long ago (following a fight with Magnus), Worth later led an uprising in Praxis, while attempting to steal a powerful weapon from the city.

While the Sanctuary and Praxis worked together, their alliance was tenuous. Helen, who discovered that Kanaan suffered from a parasite, had to work with the woman who ordered her execution, in order to save Kanaan. Fallon, chief council of Ranna Seneschal, was a collaborator with Adam in leading the uprising in Praxis. Most of the Sanctuary team worked under the watchful eye of Commander Juno Toland, the Praxis military leader that initially caught the team, which led to their execution.

Fortunately, Helen was able to work with Ranna to successfully save Kanaan, and Adam was eventually found by Sanctuary member John Druitt. Druitt appears to have killed Adam, although both are currently unaccounted for. The incident made Ranna less suspicious of surface dwellers, but she instructed the Sanctuary team not to contact Praxis until contacted first.

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