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The War Between the Sanctuary and the Cabal

Late 2008 to 2009

The War Between the Sanctuary and the Cabal

By December 2008, Dr. Magnus and the rest of The Five had discovered that the Cabal was testing a biological weapon of mass effect on Abnormals, and that the only thing that could cure this biological plague was the Source Blood. The Five decided that they needed to pool their resources and go to the lost city of Bhalasaam, in the Indian Himalayas, which was where the last sample of Source Blood was hidden underground.

This is when the Cabal struck their biggest blow against the Sanctuary. While Dr. Magnus was in the Himalayas looking for the Source Blood, the Cabal kidnapped her daughter, Ashley, and brainwashed her into becoming the Cabal's faithful servant.

The Five managed to retrieve the Source Blood, although the hunt cost them the life of brilliant member Dr. James Watson. After the remaining members returned to the Sanctuary with the Source Blood, Ashley stole it and delivered it obediently to the Cabal. She is still missing and presumed to be working for the Cabal.

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