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Abby Corigan

Abby Corigan

An FBI agent who trained in Quantico alongside Dr. Will Zimmerman, Abby Corigan is a fellow behavioral scientist like Will. When her investigation of Father Nathaniel Jensen's murder brought her to Will's city, Will offered to collaborate with her on the case. They discovered similarities to other mysterious murders, and Abby eventually tracked the killer, "Father" Clark, to Clark's church. This was when Abby faced her first Abnormal.

Bigfoot had come to realize that Clark killed his friend Father Jensen, and Abby came across Bigfoot and Clark as the two fought to the death. Bigfoot killed Clark but was shot and badly wounded in the fight. When Abby came across Bigfoot, lying wounded, she was at first scared, but then had great compassion for the injured being. By the time the investigation was finished and Abby was going to depart Will's city, the two FBI agents had developed a romantic interest in each other. The two eventually went on a date together, and seem to be romantically linked still.

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