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Adam Worth / Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

Adam Worth / Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

One of the most brilliant people on earth, Adam Worth was the inspiration for The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. An Oxford classmate of the Five, and a scientist far ahead of his time, Worth originally wanted to join the Five, after spying on them for a time.

Helen consistently refused to let him join, and her refusals grew more adamant as she learned that Worth's experiments bordered on chemical warfare. Worth's final plea to Helen came as his daughter began dying of leukemia, and he begged Helen to use Source Blood to save her. Helen knew that Source Blood would likely have killed Worth's daughter, in her weakened state, and Helen declined. Although Helen and James Watson of the Five worked to save Worth's daughter, she eventually died, which triggered a Mr. Hyde madness to develop in Adam.

Adam grew even more dangerous at this point, and the British government hired the Five to kill Adam when it was discovered that Adam stole a large quantity of cyanide. Helen tracked down Adam to a cliff, and shot him, sending him falling over the edge into the river. John Druitt temporarily saved Adam, in order to find the location of Adam's safe houses, but then left Adam to die in the river (later, Will Zimmerman would become incensed that Helen built her Sanctuary on the blood of a man who suffered from a mental disorder).

Unfortunately, Adam did not die in that river, and was instead revived by the citizens of Praxis when he washed up at an entrance to the secret city. Adam thus continued his deadly experiments, which eventually led to a battle for revenge with Helen Magnus. Using a teleportation experiment, Adam attacked Helen in an abandoned building he kept her trapped in, teleporting himself to attack her from all sides relentlessly. Helen managed to outwit Adam and throw the both of them out of the building using his teleportation, but the both of them suffered from fatal radiation poisoning from the teleport.

Since Adam had been to Praxis, the Sanctuary team was forced to enlist his help in finding the city again, as the city had the technology to heal even Helen's brutal radiation poisoning. Adam led them to the city but escaped into it, with the help of Abnormal allies in Praxis.

After leading an uprising in Praxis, and attempting to steal devastating technology from it, John Druitt managed to find and stop Adam. Adam is assumed to be dead by Druitt's hand, although this is unconfirmed since both men are currently missing.

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