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Ashley Magnus

Ashley Magnus

While they were engaged, Dr. Magnus and John Druitt almost had a child together. But when Druitt went insane, Magnus kept the fertilized embryo frozen for the next century, unwilling to raise Jack the Ripper's daughter. Eventually, though, loneliness won out, and Magnus brought the egg to term. The resulting daughter, Ashley, quickly became an unparalleled expert monster hunter. Deadly with her guns, her wit, and her bare hands, this teenage firecracker maintained a youthful shoot first, shoot later attitude. Eventually finding out that her father was Jack the Ripper, Ashley had more than the usual teenage angst to work through.

Unfortunately, the evil Cabal captured and brainwashed Ashley, and activated her heretofore dormant Teleportation ability. As their obedient pawn, Ashley then stole the last known sample of Pure Source Blood for the Cabal, and later led a team of super-Abnormals in an all-out attack against the Sanctuary network. In this battle, Magnus was able to get through Ashley's brainwashing and make Ashley remember who she was. Ashley then saved Magnus by teleporting herself and the last Cabal superabnormal through an EM field, sacrificing herself in the process.

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