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Edward Forsythe

Edward Forsythe

One of the latest rising threats to the world, one perhaps more devastating than even the Cabal, did not come from a huge, sprawling, evil empire. Instead, this threat came entirely from one man, a mortal who was born with no Abnormal powers.

Wealthy (owning half the oil rigs in the Gulf of Mexico), intelligent, fearless, and driven, Edward Forsythe was a man who dedicated his entire life to learning how to control one of the most powerful Abnormals on Earth, an Abnormal that is sometimes referred to as the Hindu goddess Kali, although that the Sanctuary network refers to her as Big Bertha.

Recently, Forsythe's plan came to fruition. He used small mercenary teams to track down a thought-to-be extinct psychic Abnormal called a Macri. Taking the Macri into his own body, and using the Macri's psychic abilities to commune with Big Bertha, Forsythe used his psychic connection to Big Bertha to wreak havoc upon the world, using Bertha's abilities to create tsunamis. The Sanctuary Network, against Helen's wishes, began to attack Bertha with missiles to stop her.

However, as Forsythe took the Macri into himself without any of the necessary preparation or reverence for Kali, the Macri died in Forsythe, and Forsythe began dying himself as a result. In his last moments, Forsythe finally decided to perform an unselfish act, and he used his own ship to draw the main fire of the Sanctuary's missile attacks, thus allowing Bertha to survive the remainder of the attack.

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