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Chief council to Praxis city leader Ranna Seneschal, Fallon was a high ranking member of the Praxis government. However, Fallon actually almost caused the complete destruction of Praxis and Hollow Earth.

Recently, Hollow Earth's largest and most powerful Abnormal, Kanaan, lay dying, and his death would have spelled doom for Praxis, as his death throes would have wrenched apart Hollow Earth. In response, Fallon secretly revived Adam Worth. Her plan was to collaborate with Worth, and find a way to manipulate a huge power source in Praxis that Worth mastered. Using the power source, Fallon would raise a powerful antimatter shield to save Praxis.

Worth, however, claimed that Fallon's plan was to take control of Praxis' defense grid, and to lead her Abnormal tribe to seize control of the city from the humans. Regardless of what Fallon's intentions truly were, Worth betrayed her and stunned her. Worth was stopped by John Druitt of the Sanctuary Network, thankfully, and Fallon's plans were stopped.

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