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Dr. Gregory Magnus

Dr. Gregory Magnus

Dr. Helen Magnus' father, Gregory, is a groundbreaking scientist who did a lot of the initial research into Abnormals. In fact, he learned so much about Abnormals that he was able to actually genetically engineer Abnormals that bore powerful speed and strength. His amazing work paved the way for his daughter to later create the Sanctuary.

His work, however, also caught the attention of the Cabal. They captured Gregory and forced him to create Abnormal soldiers for their army. Helen was able to eventually rescue him from the Cabal, but afterwards, Gregory told her that his presence would always attract the Cabal, and always put Helen in danger, so he decided he had to leave her once again.

Gregory became the human emissary to Praxis, the last great and secret city of Abnormals. From there, he sent a message to Helen through the spirit realm, leading her to the secret city. He was labeled a traitor to Praxis for this act, but he did it to save the city, as only Helen had the knowledge and wisdom to save the city when the hyperspecies Abnormal that oversaw it lay dying. He is still the human emissary to Praxis, but his standing is shaky at best.

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