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Dr. Helen Magnus

Dr. Helen Magnus

The beautiful and intelligent founder of the Sanctuary, Dr. Helen Magnus, often appears to have wisdom and insight beyond her years. Considering, however, that she is 157 years old, her level of wisdom is probably just right. At a young age, Dr. Magnus took up the mantle of her brilliant father, who introduced her to the worlds of experimental science and Abnormals. Helen and four other like-minded scientists, who collectively called themselves The Five, worked to expand their knowledge and perspective beyond normal limits. The Five injected themselves with rare Vampire Source blood, which gave them each impressive abilities. Dr. Magnus gained the power of Immortality, never aging, and she used this gift to eventually build the Sanctuary for All.

She has only recently realized her greater purpose, however, which is to defend the world of Abnormals from evils like the Cabal. Even after the Cabal brainwashed her daughter Ashley and turned her into a superabnormal soldier, Magnus never lost site of her ideals and aspirations of seeing a world of peace and harmony.

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