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Dr. James Watson

Dr. James Watson

A member of The Five, Dr. James Watson received the power of Genius when he injected himself with Source Blood. His powers of deduction became so astute that they inspired Sir Arthur Conan Doyle to write the character of Sherlock Holmes. Respecting Watson's privacy, however, Doyle created the pseudonym Sherlock Holmes to represent the Genius, and humorously relegated the character of Dr. Watson to the sidekick role.

Although Watson did not gain the power of Immortality, his new abilities allowed him to design and construct a sophisticated mechanical exoskeleton life-support system, which kept him alive and young for the next 100 years. In that time, he was a nearly unbeatable sleuth (only Jack the Ripper ever eluded his investigations), and he ran a Sanctuary for All in England. Tragically, however, the exoskeleton eventually wore itself down and stopped working, and Dr. Watson then died of old age.

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