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John Druitt

John Druitt

Dr. Helen Magnus and John Druitt, both members of The Five, were once in love in the late 1800s, and the two scientists planned to be married. After each member of The Five injected themselves with Vampire Source blood as an experiment, things quickly changed. Druitt became easily the strongest and most powerful of The Five, receiving the gifts of strength, speed, Genius, and even Teleportation. These powers, however, also drove Druitt insane, and he became a deranged murderer eventually known as Jack the Ripper.

His mental salvation unexpectedly came from Tesla, who very recently revived Druitt. Tesla hoped that Druitt would help him revive the Vampire race. When Druitt refused, Tesla tortured Druitt with electric shocks, which inadvertently cured Druitt's mental state. For a while, Druitt hoped to gain the trust of his estranged fiance, Helen, and of their daughter, Ashley.

Some time after Ashley's death, however, it became clear that Druitt's insanity was caused by a parasitic abnormal energy creature that existed inside Druitt. Although Tesla's electric shocks tamed the creature for a while, it eventually rose up again to turn Druitt psychotic. The Sanctuary team did their utmost to capture and destroy the creature, but it proved too intelligent and powerful, and wreaked havoc after escaping into the Sanctuary. In the end, Druitt sacrificed his mental wellbeing by recapturing the creature inside his own body, so it would not threaten the Sanctuary. He then teleported away immediately so he would not hurt his friends or family.

Druitt isolated himself from that point on, but Helen eventually found him again. He began trying to do Sanctuary work again, until he was kidnapped by Adam Worth, who tortured him mercilessly. Druitt eventually escaped his clutches and appears to have killed Worth.

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