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Ranna Seneschal

Ranna Seneschal

Ranna Seneschal is the leader of the secret Hollow Earth city of Praxis. Although she aims to protect the city that she calls home, she is often inflexible to the point of recklessness. Completely intolerant of surface dwellers, she even had Helen and her Sanctuary team executed when they arrived to help Praxis.

Ranna communes psychically with Kanaan, the hyperspecies Abnormal who resides in Hollow Earth. When Kanaan fell deathly ill, Ranna was forced to accept that Helen could help save Kanaan. After reviving and questioning Helen, Ranna led Helen to Kanaan, where the two of them removed a parasite that was killing Kanaan. During the procedure, Ranna nearly fell into the lava that surrounded Kanaan, but Helen saved her life. The episode made Ranna less homicidal in dealing with surface dwellers, but she is still largely isolationist.

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