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Mysterious and secretive, the last surviving member of the Cult of Kali probably holds more knowledge than anyone alive about one of the most powerful Abnormals on earth, whom the cult refers to as the Hindu goddess Kali (the Sanctuary network refers to this Abnormal as Big Bertha).

This last surviving member also holds immense knowledge of the Macri, a small pyschic Abnormal creature which the cult used to commune with Kali. Too old to host the Macri herself, she wielded the knowledge to train a new host to handle the Macri's power, to become the new herald of Kali.

Unfortunately, the Macri died, but Rheka gave the Sanctuary team the knowledge they needed to commune with Kali one more time. She told them that someone who was once the herald of Kali, like Will Zimmerman was, could commune with Kali again, if that person traveled to the gates of the spirit realm. In other words, the former herald would need to die, or at least simulate death by stopping their own heart.

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