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Terrance Wexford

Terrance Wexford

A recent head of the New York Sanctuary house, humanoid Abnormal Terrance Wexford is a calculating, intelligent, and unfortunately power-hungry leader, who can spit immobilizing acid when he feels threatened. Wexford has a long history with Magnus, and admits he owes her a lot, but his craving for power overcomes all else. Recently, he lead a coup of the Sanctuary network and forced Magnus out of power, becoming the new leader of the network.

His first order of business was to attempt to kill one of the most powerful Abnormals on Earth, Big Bertha, in an apparent attempt to save the world from Bertha's power. Unfortunately, Bertha began striking back, and powerfully, causing the planet's entire crust to shift.

Magnus was able to wrestle power back from Wexford before he managed to kill Bertha or cause more chaos. He was later voted out as head of the New York Sanctuary by the rest of the Sanctuary house heads.

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