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Dr. Will Zimmerman

Dr. Will Zimmerman

As a child, Will Zimmerman watched in horror as a lizard monster Abnormal killed his mother. Suffering nightmares for decades after that, Will was never able to make sense of the beast that he saw that night. The incident inspired Will to pursue a life in law enforcement, and thanks to a natural empathic talent, Will became an astute profiler. He constantly saw past the obvious when no one else wanted to, which irked the police he had to work with. Dr. Magnus, however, recognized his gift. She invited him to work at the Sanctuary, where he could use his talents to see the true nature of Abnormals, and to help them to understand themselves. At first reluctant to step into this strange world, Will soon adapted, and is now an essential member of the Sanctuary team.

Recently, Will was chosen to be the host body for a small spider-like Abnormal known as the Macri. Due to his contact with the Macri, Will inadvertently gained a psychic connection to the most powerful Abnormal on Earth, referred to as Kali, or Big Bertha. Although this is also quickly driving Will insane, it makes him one of the most important people on the planet now, as powerful factions are attempting to take control of Big Bertha, and someone must communicate a message of peace to Big Bertha before her retaliatory strikes destroy the entire world. Will can communicate most effectively with Bertha, interestingly, through dancing, and he has the best chance of becoming Kali's herald and messenger of peace.

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