• Face Off

    S5.E4 Subterranean TerrorThe remaining artists explore abandoned tunnels in search of inspiration for the humanoid underground monsters they are tasked with creating. Creature designer Jordu Schell makes an appearance.

  • Face Off

    S5.E5 Mother Earth GoddessSeason 4 winner J. Anthony Kosar makes an appearance when the remaining artists are given the challenge of creating Mother Nature goddesses inspired by an arboretum and their own moms.

  • Face Off

    S5.E6 Trick or TreatThe trick for the remaining artists when given the challenge of reimagining classic Halloween characters is to incorporate a successful gag element in their designs. Also: Makeup artist Valli O'Reilly makes an appearance.

  • Face Off

    S5.E7 Living ArtCharacters inspired by art movements are created; and Elvira makes an appearance.

  • Face Off

    S5.E8 Cosmic CircusThe pressure is on as the remaining artists are forced to work in teams when creating dark and sexy alien-circus characters.

  • Face Off

    S5.E9 Mortal SinsThe artists gather at a Gothic church at the start of a challenge based on the seven deadly sins.

  • Face Off

    S5.E10 The Laughing DeadThe contestants are tasked with making ghost characters that are a mix of funny and scary during a trip to the Laugh Factory comedy club in Hollywood.

  • Face Off

    S5.E11 Dark MagicThe makeup artists take inspiration from a trip to a park, as well as from magical Norse runes before they embark on creating dark elf warriors.

  • The Chronicles of Narnia

    The second Narnia film returns human siblings Peter, Susan, Edmund and Lucy to a fairy-tale world where much has changed since their last visit. They must convince Prince Caspian to defy his own family and help liberate Narnia's minotaurs, dwarves, talking animals and centaurs.

  • Troy

    A tale of romance, betrayal and power set in 1193 B.C., Troy. The love-struck Prince of Troy has fallen for the Queen of Sparta, angering the king, whose brother uses this love triangle against him in an effort to gain more power.

  • Independence Day

    An army of alien spaceships attack Earth and threaten to destroy the human race, but a handful of survivors band together to stop the invasion.

  • Resident Evil: Afterlife

    Five years after a zombie virus decimated mankind, Alice still searches tirelessly for survivors in Los Angeles with the help of an old friend. But their rescue mission turns grim when Alice sees that the city has been overrun by zombies, and they quickly realize they've stumbled into a diabolical trap.

  • Bones

    When several entrepreneurs decide to open a disco in an abandoned brownstone, they unleash the vengeful ghost of a gangster (Snoop Dogg) who was savagely murdered in the 1970s. Pam Grier. Lupovich: Michael T. Weiss. Peet: Clifton Powell. Directed by Ernest R. Dickerson.

  • The Philadelphia Experiment

    A WWII-era experiment is revived with disastrous results as an old warship rematerializes to wreak havoc, and it's up to the experiment's sole survivor and his granddaughter to stop it.

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