• The Twilight Zone

    S5.E1 In Praise of PipBookmaker Max Phillips learns that his son is dying in Vietnam and tries to save him. With Jack Klugman.

  • The Twilight Zone

    S5.E2 SteelTwo small-time promoters find that their fighter can't meet his opponent in the ring. With Lee Marvin.

  • CSI: Crime Scene

    S1.E13 BoomGrissom, Sara and Warrick investigate the bombing of a Las Vegas office building; Nick is the prime suspect in the murder of a prostitute.

  • CSI: Crime Scene

    S1.E14 To Halve and to HoldGrissom and Catherine search for human remains in the desert; Warrick and Sara investigate the king of a stripper-for-hire outfit.

  • CSI: Crime Scene

    S1.E15 Table StakesWhen a woman's body is discovered in a missing showgirl's swimming pool, the team believes they've got a double murder on their hands.

  • CSI: Crime Scene

    S1.E16 Too Tough to DieThe CSI team investigates a sexual assault; Catherine and Warrick help the district attorney with a murder case.

  • CSI: Crime Scene

    S1.E17 Face LiftGrissom and Catherine investigate a robbery/homicide; Warrick and Sara investigate the case of a woman burned to ashes.

  • CSI: Crime Scene

    S1.E18 $35K O.B.O.The team visits the site of a fatal car-jacking and realizes heavy rainfall washed away much of the evidence.

  • A.I.: Artificial

    In the future a cutting-edge android in the form of a boy (Haley Joel Osment) embarks on a journey to discover his true nature.

  • The Mechanic

    After his mentor is murdered, an elite assassin (Jason Statham) accepts the man's son (Ben Foster) as an apprentice, so that they both may take their revenge.

  • Underworld

    Lucian (Michael Sheen) and Sonja (Rhona Mitra), his vampire lover, rally the Lycans against their cruel enslavement at the hands of Viktor (Bill Nighy), the vampire king.

  • Hellboy-Army

    Hellboy (Ron Perlman) and his team face an underworld prince who plans to awaken a lethal army and use it to reclaim Earth for his magical kindred.

  • The Expanse

    S3.E10 Dandelion SkyHolden sees past, present, and future; a ghost from Melba's past threatens her mission; Bobbie struggles to trust an old friend as she leads a group into uncharted territory.

  • Face Off

    S13.E2 Moonlight MonstersIn the first elimination challenge of the season, the artists battle it out as they create fun and lighthearted monsters inspired by real life day jobs.

  • Into the Woods

    A baker (James Corden) and his wife (Emily Blunt) venture into a magical forest to find the ingredients that will reverse their curse of childlessness and restore the beauty of the ugly witch (Meryl Streep) who placed it on them.

  • Aladdin Death

    Aladdin (Darren Shahlavi) accidentally uncovers a magic lamp containing a genie that wants to take over the world. He must risk everything to get the evil Jinn back into the lamp before it is too late.

  • Con Man

    S2.E6 Gum DropThe auditions for Doctor Cop Lawyer are in a state of chaos.