• Copper Chef

    Cooking with Eric Theiss.

  • LifeLock Protection

    Identity theft: Are you at risk? Get the facts from experts, and hear stories from victims. Discover how LifeLock can help protect you - with proprietary technology, and U.S.-based agents who help set things right if your identity is ever stolen.

  • Cook Smart & Healthy

    The NuWave Oven Pro utilizes conduction, convection and infrared heat to cook healthy, delicious meals faster and more efficiently than conventional ovens. It's the perfect way to prepare the fresh flavors of Spring in a healthy, tasty way.

  • Paid Programming

    Paid programming.

  • Witchslayer Gretl

    Witch hunter Hansel (Paul McGillion) returns to the haunted forest and learns that his sister, Gretl (Shannen Doherty), is still alive.

  • Hook

    Aided by Tinker Bell (Julia Roberts), a corporate lawyer (Robin Williams) turns into Peter Pan to rescue his children from Captain Hook (Dustin Hoffman).

  • Big Fish

    A young journalist (Billy Crudup) searches for the truth behind the tall tales told by his ailing father (Albert Finney).

  • Bridge to Terabithia

    A boy (Josh Hutcherson) and his new friend (AnnaSophia Robb), the class outsider, create an imaginary world in which they rule as king and queen.

  • Percy Jackson: Sea

    To find the magic Golden Fleece and save Camp Half-Blood, demigod Percy (Logan Lerman) and his friends undertake a dangerous odyssey into the area known to humans as the Bermuda Triangle.

  • Armageddon

    A NASA rep (Billy Bob Thornton) recruits an oil driller (Bruce Willis) and his team of mavericks to save Earth from an oncoming asteroid.

  • Hellboy

    The son (Ron Perlman) of the devil helps a top-secret organization investigate and destroy paranormal creatures.

  • Resident Evil

    Genetically altered by Umbrella Corp., Alice (Milla Jovovich) and her cohorts (Oded Fehr, Ali Larter) try to eradicate an undead virus before it infects everyone on Earth.

  • Blood Drive

    S1.E2 Welcome to Pixie SwallowGrace and Arthur battle to stay off the menu at the first pit stop, Pixie Swallow Motel & Diner.

  • The Twilight Zone

    S1.E35 The Mighty CaseyCasey is a left-handed pitcher who can help a baseball team out of last place.

  • The Twilight Zone

    S4.E11 The ParallelAn astronaut (Steve Forrest) arrives in a world much like his own -- except for a few small differences. With Frank Aletter.