• Ghostquake

    A dead demonic headmaster haunts a New England private school.

  • American Horror House

    Ghosts invade a sorority house on Halloween night, and that isn't the only problem faced by a group of pretty college coeds when a housemother with an ax to grind goes on a killing spree.

  • Mothman

    A tragic prank and its subsequent cover-up come back to haunt five childhood friends when they reunite a decade later in their hometown and discover they are all experiencing horrific visions.

  • Swamp Devil

    A daughter returns to her home in the swamps to clear her estranged father, who is accused of committing murders.

  • The Fog

    Residents of a remote coastal town are terrorized by the vengeful ghosts of a shipful of lepers.

  • 1408

    A writer who debunks paranormal occurrences has a close encounter with the real thing when he checks into a reputedly haunted hotel room in this adaptation of a story by Stephen King.

  • The Conjuring

    Paranormal investigators battle a malevolent entity that's haunting a family living in a remote farmhouse.

  • Orphan

    A seemingly angelic orphan named Esther exhibits an unforeseen devilish streak shortly after arriving at her new home. Devastated by a recent miscarriage, aspiring parents John and Kate decide to adopt 9-year-old Esther. But once she's welcomed into their family, she begins to display some deeply unsettling behavior. As tragedy looms, John and Kate race to convince everyone else that Esther is pure evil.

  • Texas Chainsaw Massacre/Begin

    Leatherface is back in this prequel, which details the origins of the psycho and his cannibalistic family as they terrorize two brothers and their girlfriends on a road trip through Texas in 1969. Unrated version.

  • Children of the Corn

    A couple (David Anders, Kandyse McClure) try to save their marriage with a road trip, which gets derailed when they find a strange rural town ruled by fanatically religious children. Based on the Stephen King short story.

  • The Twilight Zone

    S5.E35 The FearA state trooper responds to a secluded woman's reports of lights in the sky, and more strange incidents follow. Charlotte: Hazel Court. Franklin: Mark Richman. Written by Rod Serling.

  • Paid Programming

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  • Fast Joint Relief

    Smart Medicine Show: Medical breakthroughs for fast, powerful evidence-based relief from joint problems.

  • Fish Oil Benefits Examined

    Say goodbye to bad cholesterol, joint pain, mood swings and brain fog in 30 days or less.