• The Twilight Zone

    S5.E6 Living DollTelly Savalas as an unpleasant man who's threatened---literally---by his stepdaughter's new talking doll, voiced by June Foray, alter ego of Rocky the Flying Squirrel. Annabelle: Mary LaRoche. Christie: Tracy Stratford.

  • The Twilight Zone

    S5.E7 The Old Man in the CaveJames Coburn plays a soldier who directs upheaval in a community of atomic-war survivors who are guided by an unseen cave dweller. Goldsmith: John Anderson. Jason: John Marley. Evelyn: Josie Lloyd. Harber: Frank Watkins. Furman: Don Wilbanks. Douglas: Lenny Geer.

  • Friday the 13th, Part II

    A killer terrorizes a group of camp counselors.

  • Friday the 13th---Part III

    The creepy killer takes out a store-owner couple, then travels to the lake to prey on a girl who had a previous encounter with him.

  • Friday the 13th Part IV

    Jason, the masked maniac, is back in this fourth installment of the sanguinary slayathon. Crispin Glover, Kimberly Beck, Barbara Howard. Rob: E. Erich Anderson. Tommy: Corey Feldman. Paul: Alan Hayes. Samantha: Judie Aronson. Jason: Ted White. Doug: Peter Barton. Directed by Joseph Zito.

  • Friday the 13th/New Beginning

    A Jason Voorhees copycat stalks a home for disturbed youths, where Tommy Jarvis has gone to recover in the wake of his harrowing encounter with the hockey-masked killer.

  • Fri. the 13th VI: Jason Lives

    After an intended victim impales the corpse of serial killer Jason Voorhees with a metal pole during a lightning storm, the deranged killer is resurrected. He proceeds to go on a killing spree that the local sheriff blames on the one man who was trying to finish Jason off once and for all with the metal pole.

  • Freddy vs. Jason

    After Freddy resurrects Jason, the slasher-film icons go on a killing spree, but clash over who is doing a better job.

  • The Mechanic

    A hit man (Jason Statham) plans revenge on the people responsible for murdering his elderly mentor (Donald Sutherland), but he soon learns that the old man's grown son---who is eager to be in the family business---wants to help with the mission. Directed by Simon West.

  • New


    Driver seeks revenge on the man responsible for his brother's death, but a devoted cop gets wind of his plan and tries to stop him from carrying it out. Meanwhile, a hit man attempts to end Driver's life before he completes his task.

  • Friday the 13th, Part II

    A killer terrorizes a group of camp counselors.

  • Friday the 13 Part VIII

    The masked killer (Kane Hodder) slices and dices high-school grads on their class trip. Rennie: Jensen Daggett. Sean: Scott Reeves. Charles: Peter Mark Richman. Colleen: Barbara Bingham. Julius: V.C. Dupree. Tamara: Sharlene Martin. Wayne: Martin Cummins.

  • Jason/The Final Friday

    A medical examiner becomes possessed by the spirit of a maniacal killer after eating the madman's heart. In his new body, the evil one heads back to the summer camp that his favorite place to kill.

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