• The Twilight Zone

    S3.E28 The Little PeopleOn a seemingly barren planet, two space pilots discover a Lilliputian civilization, to which one proclaims himself a god. Craig: Joe Maross. Fletcher: Claude Akins. Spaceman No. 1: Michael Ford. Spaceman No. 2: Robert Eaton. Host: Rod Serling.

  • Cosplay Melee

    S1.E1 A Night at the Space OperaIn the series premiere, four competing cosplayers are tasked with creating an original character inspired by their favorite sci-fi space opera.

  • Face Off

    S8.E1 Return of the ChampionsSeason 8 begins with three returning champions joining the competition as coaches. Also: Oscar winner Rick Baker introduces the artists to their first Spotlight Challenge.

  • Face Off

    S8.E2 Monkey BusinessOscar winner Rick Baker is the guest judge for the first Spotlight Challenge, which finds the artists working in teams to create two original alien characters, plus a primate leader.

  • Face Off

    S8.E3 Let the Games BeginThe remaining 14 artists take part in a deadly predator challenge featuring guest judge Josh Hutcherson ("The Hunger Games").

  • Face Off

    S8.E4 Royal FlushThe first individual Spotlight Challenge of the competition finds the 13 remaining artists tasked with making playing cards come alive in the whimsical style of Tim Burton.

  • Leprechaun 4: In Space

    Low-grade blarney with the sadistic gnome (Warwick Davis) on an outer space quest to conquer the universe. Books: Brent Jasmer. Tina: Jessica Collins. Dr. Mittenhand: Guy Siner.

  • Leprechaun 3

    The murderous imp (Warwick Davis) journeys to Las Vegas in pursuit of a student (John Gatins) who possesses a piece of his gold. Lee Armstrong, John DeMita, Michael Callan, Caroline Williams. Directed by Brian Trenchard-Smith.

  • I, Frankenstein

    Frankenstein's monster gets swept up in an epic battle between gargoyles and demons seeking the key to his immortality in this gothic-flavored fantasy adventure.

  • RED 2

    Frank Moses and his team fight hired killers, heavily armed terrorists and powerful politicians while racing across Europe on a mission to prevent a portable nuclear device from falling into the wrong hands.

  • Face Off

    S11.E9 Frightening FamiliesThe remaining artists form two super teams to create a family of deranged, murderous mutants.

  • New

    Face Off

    S11.E10 Cursed CovensThe two teams must create a coven of warlocks or witches at war with each other.

  • New

    Cosplay Melee

    S1.E2 Throne OffThe cosplayers must create characters and costumes inspired by "Game of Thrones."

  • Face Off

    S11.E10 Cursed CovensThe two teams must create a coven of warlocks or witches at war with each other.

  • Ghost Rider

    Johnny Blaze,a daredevil biker sells his soul and becomes the devil's fiery-skulled bounty hunter in this Marvel Comics adaptation.

  • Roadkill

    A group of young friends embark on a road trip across Ireland that results in the accidental death of an old gypsy woman, who summons a flying beast to kill them. Stephen Rea, Eliza Bennett.

  • The Twilight Zone

    S3.E30 Hocus-Pocus and FrisbyThe tall tales of an inveterate liar (Andy Devine) attract the attention of an alien delegation. Mitchell: Howard McNear. Alien No. 1: Milton Selzer. Alien No. 2: Larry Breitman. Alien No. 3: Peter Brocco. Rod Serling is the host.

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