• The Twilight Zone

    S1.E31 The ChaserA lovesick suitor buys a guaranteed love potion, which works---too well. Based on a story by John Collier. Roger: George Grizzard. Leila: Patricia Barry. Daemon: John McIntire. Man in Homburg: J. Pat O'Malley. Blonde: Barbara Perry. Host: Rod Serling.

  • The Twilight Zone

    S1.E32 A Passage for TrumpetJack Klugman plays a washed-up trumpet player who's offered a second chance after a suicide attempt. Nan: Mary Webster. Gabe: John Anderson. Baron: Frank Wolff. Pawnshop Owner: Ned Glass.

  • Beast of the Bering Sea

    Two siblings hunting for gold get more than they bargained for when they strike an underwater cave that's occupied by sea vampires.

  • Croc

    A crocodile hunter (Michael Madsen) tracks a reptile menace at a beach resort. Peter Tuinstra, Sherry Phungprasert.

  • Dinoshark

    A dinosaur-shark hybrid terrorizes a resort in Mexico, and it's up to a young fishing-boat captain to stop it.

  • Snakehead Swamp

    Genetically altered snakehead fish bring terror to the swamps of Louisiana.

  • Lake Placid 3

    A game warden (Colin Ferguson) moves into his aunt's lakeside cabin with his wife and young son, and the little boy feeds the resident baby crocodiles until they grow up into monstrous predators that become a menace to the family.

  • Lake Placid: The Final Chapter

    A new sheriff has a big problem on her hands when a poacher unleashes the wrath of giant crocodiles in the fourth installment of the campy horror movie franchise.

  • Zombie Shark

    A perfect getaway weekend turns into a nightmare for four friends who find themselves fighting for their lives against an experimental shark.

  • New

    Ice Sharks

    A group of ravenous sharks break into a military base, forcing all the sceintists to escape before they are eaten alive.

  • Mega Shark vs. Kolossus

    Russia's search for a new energy source accidentally reawakens a giant robot doomsday device from the Cold War. But that isn't the only threat to humanity when a new Mega Shark swims onto the scene.

  • Bait

    A powerful tsunami sends ocean waters rushing into an underground supermarket, prompting the terrified shoppers to fight for their lives as vicious man-eating sharks glide down the aisles in search of a fresh meal.

  • Snakehead Terror

    Mutant, amphibious snakehead fish feast on humans as they close in on a Maryland village where the only obstacle is the local sheriff (Bruce Boxleitner). Carol Alt. Doc Jenkins: William B. Davis. Luke: Ryan McDonell.

  • Blade Boss

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