• Ghost Hunters

    S9.E3 Prescription for FearRenovations at the Peoria Asylum in Bartonville, Ill., are slowed down by strange occurrences, which are investigated by the team.

  • Ghost Hunters

    S9.E4 Permanent ResidentsAn investigation into the 1890 House in Cortland, N.Y., delves into the background of the mansion's original owner, businessman Chester F. Wickwire, and his ancestors.

  • Ghost Hunters

    S9.E5 All Ghosts on DeckThe team travel to Louisville to investigate one of the oldest operating steamboats in the United States.

  • Ghost Hunters

    S9.E6 Ghosts From HaleThe Nathan Hale Homestead in Coventry, Conn., is investigated.

  • Ghost Hunters

    S9.E7 Scream ParkThe team investigate paranormal activity being reported by the new owner of an amusement park in Sylvan Beach, N.Y.

  • Ghost Hunters

    S9.E8 The Ghost Hasn't Left the BuildingThe team travel to Louisiana to investigate the Shreveport Municipal Auditorium, a National Historic Landmark where famous singers like Elvis Presley and Johnny Cash got their start.

  • Ghost Hunters

    S9.E9 Ghost Friends ForeverA Little Rock family believe a bungalow that they inherited is cursed.

  • Ghost Hunters

    S9.E10 Vintage SpiritsReports of paranormal activity at the Belvoir Winery in Liberty, Mo., are investigated.

  • Ghost Hunters

    S9.E11 Hoover DamnedNevada's Boulder City Hospital is investigated.

  • Ghost Hunters

    S9.E12 Something in the WaterThe Elms Hotel and Spa in Excelsior Springs, Mo., is investigated by the team.

  • House of Bones

    Paranormal investigators from a syndicated television series get more than they bargained for when they probe a notorious New Orleans house. Charisma Carpenter, Corin Nemec. Directed by Jeffery Scott Lando.

  • The Conjuring

    Paranormal investigators battle a malevolent entity that's haunting a family living in a remote farmhouse.

  • New

    The Box

    Arthur and Norma Lewis (James Marsden and Cameron Diaz) receive a mysterious box that will grant them $1 million if they push the button inside, but they must debate if that's worth the consequence of killing a random person.

  • Colony

    S1.E3 98 SecondsKatie's first mission forces her to question her commitment to the cause; Will's search for Geronimo doesn't sit well with the resistance; and Bram's girlfriend shares a secret with him.

  • The Magicians

    S1.E4 The World in the WallsQuentin wakes up in a mental hospital and must set his panic aside to seek the help of the one person he least trusts. Meanwhile, Julia is hurt after her fallout with Quentin and commits to learning more powerful spells with the Hedge Witches.

  • Final Destination

    When he has a vision of his flight to Paris crashing, a teen traveling with his French club makes a scene and they are all kicked off the airline. The plane goes down and the survivors are grateful, but Death hunts them down.

  • Scarecrow

    An ancient monster is revived and terrorizes a group of teens.

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