• The Twilight Zone

    S1.E19 The Purple TestamentDuring World War II, a man acquires the ability to see death in the faces of men about to die.

  • Van Helsing

    S2.E7 Everything ChangesVanessa faces off with Dmitri; Axel fights against becoming a full-fledged vampire; Sam tracks Mohamad, Flesh and Lucky; Scab tries to enlist a fierce group of vampires to join Dmitri.

  • Dark Skies

    A couple (Keri Russell, Josh Hamilton) and their children gather their courage and determination to combat a terrifying threat that may be from an alien force.

  • Night of the Wild

    Dogs go on a deadly rampage after a large meteor strikes a quiet town.

  • Blade

    A man (Wesley Snipes) with vampire blood and his mortal partner (Kris Kristofferson) hunt a rebel vampire (Stephen Dorff) and his coterie of undead.

  • Need for Speed

    Determined to take down his treacherous rival (Dominic Cooper), a street-car racer (Aaron Paul) runs through a cross-country net of cops and bounty hunters to enter the most prestigious race in the underground racing circuit.

  • Resident Evil

    Survivors (Milla Jovovich, Sienna Guillory, Oded Fehr) of a deadly virus must fight their way through Raccoon City's legion of undead inhabitants.

  • Salt

    After a defector accuses her of spying for the Russians, a CIA officer (Angelina Jolie) goes on the run and tries to come up with a way to establish her innocence.

  • Skyfall

    When M's (Judi Dench) past comes back to haunt her, James Bond (Daniel Craig) must track down and destroy the threat to her and MI6, no matter how personal the cost.

  • Justice League

    The Flash causes a temporal ripple that creates a fractured reality where the Justice league has never formed, Superman does not exist and a war rages between Wonder Woman and Aquaman. Flash teams with Batman and Cyborg to restore the timeline.

  • Seattle Superstorm

    A scientist (Esai Morales) and his fiancee (Ona Grauer) search for answers when cataclysmic weather threatens the planet.

  • Ghost Wars

    S1.E7 Whistle Past the GraveyardA power outage sends Port Moore into a tailspin and somehow makes the ghosts stronger, prompting Roman, Jimmy, Landis and Doug to trek up to the dam to get the power back, but a long-buried town secret threatens to tear the group apart.

  • Con Man

    S1.E9 Sinking FeelingsWray meets Jack Moore's new assistant, who informs him that Jack still wants to make a movie.

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