• The Twilight Zone

    S3.E26 Little Girl LostParents (Robert Sampson, Sarah Marshall) hear their daughter crying in her bedroom but cannot see her. Bill: Charles Aidman. Tina: Tracy Stratford. Host: Rod Serling.

  • The Twilight Zone

    S3.E27 Person or Persons UnknownA man awakens to find no one---including his wife---knows him, and all evidence of his identity has disappeared. Gurney: Richard Long. First Wilma: Shirley Ballard. Dr. Koslenko: Frank Silvera. Second Wilma: Julie Van Zandt. Policeman: Michael Keep. Cooper: John Newton. Guard: Joe Higgins.

  • Abraham Lincoln vs. Zombies

    Abraham Lincoln fights Confederate flesh-eaters against the bloody backdrop of the Civil War.

  • Battledogs

    A werewolf virus is unleashed in New York City, and the world's only hope lies with a rogue general who has taken the disease and created an army of super soldiers.

  • Battle of the Damned

    A retired commando attempts to rescue the daughter of a prominent industrialist from a city under quarantine, and uses a small army of militarized robots to battle a rampaging horde of the living dead.

  • The Dead 2: India

    A zombie plague hits India; at the same time, a U.S. turbine engineer is working to build a remote wind farm when he receives a panicked call from his girlfriend, who informs him that she is pregnant, and that Mumbai has been overrun by flesh eaters. Now, in order to reach her in time to catch the last flight out of the country, he must fight his way across the country with few weapons, and only a street-smart youth named Javed to guide him.

  • The Lost Future

    Set in a future where jungles have overtaken the remnants of civilization, a tribe struggles to survive amid mutated creatures that carry a deadly disease.

  • Mutant World

    A group of doomsday preppers emerge from their bunker 10 years after an apocalyptic meteor strike, only to discover that crazed mutants have overtaken the world.

  • Zombieland

    A cowardly shut-in teams up with a seasoned zombie slayer and two resilient young girls to battle the legions of the undead.

  • Underworld

    A centuries-old war between vampires and werewolves, and a vampire-hunting human who becomes entangled in their conflict.

  • Cirque du Freak/Vampire's

    Small-town teen Darren falls in with a traveling freak show after being transformed into a vampire by the ringmaster. As Darren makes friends with the freaks, he discovers that the vampires are involved in a war with their rivals and that the supernatural underworld is about to explode.

  • See No Evil

    Splatterfest about a deranged, hulking psychopath (WWE wrestler Kane) haunting a decrepit hotel. Steven Vidler, Christina Vidal. Directed by Gregory Dark.

  • Troy: Street Magic

    S1.E1 Troy: Street MagicBritish magician Troy Von Scheibner performs tricks and stunts on the streets of London for unsuspecting locals and tourists in this series, which begins with Troy handling some very expensive glasses in a vintage store and entering into a chopstick challenge with a group of girls.

  • Metal Hurlant Chronicles

    S1.E1 King's CrownWarriors battle to become the next king in a society run by robots in the premiere of this sci-fi anthology based on the French graphic novels by comic artist Jean Giraud.

  • Fists Full of Blades

    This special edition of Knife Show/Cutlery Corner has a total of three cutlery sets to choose from: Fists Full of Blades (145 pieces), For a Few Blades More (24 fixed blades) or Fists Full of Everything (both sets together for a total of 169 pieces).

  • Looking for a Medicare plan?

    The Medicare annual election period ends on December 7. Watch and learn about Humana Medicare Advantage plans.