• Face Off

    S11.E9 Frightening FamiliesThe remaining artists form two super teams to create a family of deranged, murderous mutants.

  • Ice Road Terror

    An icy Alaskan road becomes more treacherous for two truckers after a mining operation awakens a dormant prehistoric creature.

  • Isle of the Dead

    A Strike Team battle zombies on a remote tropical island.

  • Roadkill

    A group of young friends embark on a road trip across Ireland that results in the accidental death of an old gypsy woman, who summons a flying beast to kill them. Stephen Rea, Eliza Bennett.

  • Leprechaun: Back 2 tha Hood

    A group of inner-city friends gets the diminutive green ghoul's Irish up when they happen upon his pot of gold and take it for themselves. Warwick Davis, Tangi Miller. The sixth installment of the "Leprechaun" film series. Steven Ayromlooi directed.

  • Volcano

    Action flick about an emergency chief and a geologist who scramble to halt the destruction of L.A. from a volcanic eruption.

  • Red

    Retired CIA hit man Frank Moses (Bruce Willis) and his former colleagues race to find out why they've been targeted for death by their former organization and uncover a vast conspiracy implicating some prominent politicians in the process.

  • RED 2

    Frank Moses and his team fight hired killers, heavily armed terrorists and powerful politicians while racing across Europe on a mission to prevent a portable nuclear device from falling into the wrong hands.

  • I, Frankenstein

    Frankenstein's monster gets swept up in an epic battle between gargoyles and demons seeking the key to his immortality in this gothic-flavored fantasy adventure.

  • Leprechaun 4: In Space

    Low-grade blarney with the sadistic gnome (Warwick Davis) on an outer space quest to conquer the universe. Books: Brent Jasmer. Tina: Jessica Collins. Dr. Mittenhand: Guy Siner.

  • Cosplay Melee

    S1.E1 A Night at the Space OperaIn the series premiere, four competing cosplayers are tasked with creating an original character inspired by their favorite sci-fi space opera.

  • The Twilight Zone

    S3.E31 The Trade-insAn elderly couple want to have their bodies rejuvenated, but can afford the process for only one of them. John: Joseph Schildkraut. Marie: Alma Platt. Vance: Noah Keen. Farraday: Theodore Marcuse. Young John Holt: Edson Stroll. Receptionist: Mary McMahon. Rod Serling is the host.

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