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Executive Producer Mark Burnett joins forces with Seth Jarrett and Julie Insogna, creators of the hit series Celebrity Ghost Stories, to take viewers on a spooky thrill ride through some of the most infamously haunted colleges and high schools nationwide. Students, alumni, and faculty share their intimate paranormal encounters while their experiences are brought to life in Jarrett's arresting style of storytelling.

Every campus has its secrets...


Mark Burnett, Jarrett Creative and the Syfy cable TV network are seeking high school and college students as well as alumni who have come face to face with paranormal activity on their school campuses. If you have had a first-hand experience with ghosts, hauntings or other unexplained phenomena in your classrooms... In your dorm... In locker rooms or on athletic fields... We may want to tell your story and recreate it on television. Faculty and parents are also encouraged to share their stories with us.  
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