School SpiritsGuide to Surviving a Haunted School: 15 Easy Steps!

Guide to Surviving a Haunted School: 15 Easy Steps!

1. Cheerleader Absolutely Crushed After Breakup with BF

What you've heard: After breaking up with her quarterback boyfriend, a cheerleader took refuge under gymnasium bleachers so she could cry without being ridiculed by her classmates. Emotionally exhausted, she fell asleep—unaware that the school's janitor retracted the telescoping seating every evening so he could clean the floors. The loud clatter of the folding bleachers drowned out the cheerleader's desperate cries for help.  The sickening sound of ripping flesh and snapping cartilage soon followed. Ever since, kids at your school have reported seeing the cheerleader's ghost roaming the hallways, especially near her ex-boyfriend's locker, Number 117.

What to do about it: The night she died, the poor girl was crushed, emotionally and literally. We think she needs something to lift her spirits. Have your school's cheerleading squad create a new cheer in the dead girl's honor.

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