School SpiritsGuide to Surviving a Haunted School: 15 Easy Steps!

Guide to Surviving a Haunted School: 15 Easy Steps!

2. The Handwriting Is On the Wall

What you've heard: Party girl Emily invited her nerdy roommate, Alex, to a sorority bash on campus. Alex declined, preferring instead to prepare for a science exam. Emily had a great time at the sorority and was invited to spend the night, but she first needed to return to the dorm to pick up some pajamas. When she entered the darkened room, Emily didn't turn on the lights because she didn't want to wake the sleeping Alex. The next day, Emily returned to the dorm and discovered Alex's blood-soaked corpse in her bed.  Written on the wall, in blood, were the words "Aren't you glad you didn't turn on the lights?"

What to do about it: If this tale raises goose bumps on your skin, we suggest outfitting your room with a night light equipped with a motion sensor.

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