School Spirits7 of the Totally Most Haunted Schools In Movies

7 of the Totally Most Haunted Schools In Movies

2. Carrie (1976)

School: Bates High School

If you still think fatal consequences from bullying only comes from the world of witches and wizardry, you are very wrong dear readers. Some Prom Queens in the real world are not to be messed with. The classic Carrie of 1976 proves this. Carrie gets her period for the first time and is convinced she is dying. After much torment from the girls in the locker room, Carrie is sent to the principal's office where she is called Cassie, only further showing how overlooked the student is. Carrie is finally asked to the prom by a boy named Tommy and after much debate, she accepts. Chris Hargensen, the cruelest bully of them all (think Mean Girls' Regina George x 5), rigs the prom votes so that Carrie and Tommy win. As Carrie accepts her crown, Chris yanks a rope connected to a bucket of pig's blood and drenches poor Carrie. The high school students jeer, but Carrie's had enough. Her telekinesis takes over, and the gym doors slam shut as a fire hose takes over. Carrie kills Miss Collins with a falling ceiling rafter, and Principal Morton and Mr. Fromm are electrocuted. In turn, a fire ignites in the gym, leaving her classmates inside the school as it burns. Carrie leaves the school in a graceful manner, covered in blood. Chris and Billy attempt to run her over with Billy's car, but Carrie flips the car over, killing them as well. Who knew a Prom Queen could ever have so many enemies...

Lesson Learned: Don't Mess with a Woman when she's around her bloody best friend, Dot.

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