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Sorority House Terror
Season 1 - Episode 101
Sorority House Terror
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Welcome to the series premiere of School Spirits! 

Wait!  This is not Rah Rah Rah and pom-poms school spirits. 

These are the true to life, horrifying experiences of students who went off to college for an education, and ended up permanently changed by encounters with the paranormal!  It's a whole new realm of higher education.

Tonight, residents of a sorority house at the University of Michigan share their personal tales of paranormal experiences. 
It all started in 2009. Caroline, Nicole and Kristin pledged Gamma Alpha Gamma to make new friends and moved into a beautiful old house. 

Soon enough, odd things started out from the beginning- girls were finding maggots in their food, and bats hanging from unusual places. This house just doesn't make sense.   

The girls had strange experiences: footsteps following them up staircases and an apparition of a man in the hallway. And one time, Caroline brought her mom to the basement and she came face to face with... A MAN'S FACE!  So pale!  Both she and her mother saw the face and the anger in his eyes. Before they could retreat the spirit screamed at them.  

Meanwhile, throughout the house there were increasing arguments and growing tensions.  As a means of creating unity, the girls decided to throw a haunted house party for the community children.  Afterwards, Caroline found a room upstairs that was engulfed in flames with a young girl screaming in the middle.  But there was no heat from the flames, no smoke in the air and then it was gone. What was THAT? 

Nicole sadly came to the realization that the haunted house would not save the girls' relationships. The anger and intensity increased. It was like the house became a sickness... it was physically pulling them apart! 

The Man visited Caroline again in her room but this time his image was crystal clear and his eyes were scarier than ever. But when he looked at her, he became serene and calm. Feeling at ease, Caroline introduced herself, prompting the man to nod at her before fading away. Now, she's so confused. Perhaps the house wasn't as bad as she thought it?


One night at 2 A.M. Kristen was thrown out of her bed with full force with a man hovering above the bed where she had just been sleeping. Was he trying to tell her something was wrong? 

She ran downstairs, and found that a stove burner was on and another burner had been leaking gas.  She quickly turned off the flame, saving the house from explosion. This may explain the bizarre flames that were seen days before in the house.  

Another night, Caroline encountered a bright sphere of static energy!  She just KNEW it was there to hurt her.  But the Man with the angry eyes walked between her and the orb and then they were both gone. 

Just like that.

From that night on, the oppressiveness of the house was gone.
Kristen, Nicole and Caroline finally came together to share their stories. All three can hardly believe that they'd all been having the same experiences with the same apparition! 

Research revealed that the house once belonged to Joseph Jacob Walser, and the girls clearly identify his photo in a book in the basement.  Sadly, he had contracted tuberculosis so he and his wife moved to Florida leaving their 4 daughters at home.  He died there- leaving his girls... who had been the same age as the sorority girls at the time of Joseph's death.  In fact, Joseph was acting as their guardian angel.



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