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Dorm Room Nightmare
Season 1 - Episode 102
Dorm Room Nightmare
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Tonight on school spirits, Chris DeCesare tells the story of his experiences as a student at The State University of New York at Geneseo, class of 1986.  He was a track and cross-country runner with dreams of Olympic gold.  His father, Vito, admired his son's abilities. Chris remembers fondly his best friends Jeff and Beth. 

Then, everything changed. One night, Chris was working on a paper and kept hearing an eerie voice whispering his name. Thinking nothing of it, he put on his headphones blasting music, but he still heard it! This was one scary prank! Or was it?

To cope, he went for a run to clear his head. But he was shaken. Then, his roommate was freaked out too.  He had heard the same voice saying Chris' name!  The roommate packed up and left for the night- leaving Chris alone.

During the night, Chris' tape recorder kept turning on all by itself- even after Chris unplugged it and threw it in the garbage. He has chills and felt like someone was watching him closely. Then he saw a human shape. Pale face. Misty.  Petrifying.  He ran for his life to Jeff's room!!

 Jeff took close notes of all the things that Chris had experienced, with hopes that they could communicate with it and make sure it wasn't just a mental breakdown. They marked the locations of all the items in the room, secured the windows and set up a recorder to see if they could get any recordings and left the room.

An hour later they returned to find the furniture moved, the window open and on the tape sounds of the chair moving and a voice making gurgling sounds. Worst nightmare: confirmed.  

Chris called out to the ghost, the closet door opened and out came an apparition! PETRIFYING!

Chris could see it, but Jeff couldn't. He snapped a photo, and ran off. The photo, when developed, showed a skeleton!  After that, Chris was faced with the decision of whether he should move out or not. It seemed the ghost was following Chris wherever he went. He couldn't run anymore, couldn't eat or sleep.  He wasn't Chris.

Finally, Chris got help from a priest who came in to pray in the dorm room and asked the ghost to find a new place to rest. The prayers seemed to have worked and soon Chris felt peace again, and even went for a run. But then... in the shower... something cuts him!  Three long scratches that cause him to scream out. The occurrence is devastatingly frightening. Clearly, this spirit is evil and in NOT going away.

Chris then saw that he had only two choices: kill himself or call his father.

Vito DeCesare went to the dorm with a gun and a baseball bat, if there was a presence it had to go through him! His father's words to Chris were: Change your room.

Soon, Chris' friend Beth started hearing the voice as well, and next she was unconscious! 
After that, Chris realized that he needed to fight the spirit himself.  He created a holy environment to invite the ghost in. Then, fight in front of him, he saw the ghost. Clear. As. Day.

Chris said to the ghost, "You need to find rest." He closed his eyes, counted to 10, and just like that the ghost was gone. 

Chris was liberated because he finally got his life back. He will never know what the ghost wanted from him, and to this day he has never forgotten about it.



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