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Collision Curse/Deadly Dorm Games
Season 1 - Episode 103
Collision Curse/Deadly Dorm Games
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School Spirits delves into the paranormal encounters of Victoria Laurie, who went to high school in Michigan, and Drew and Scott, from Lebanon Valley College. 

Driving home from a date during her senior year, she drove down Old Creek Road.  Suddenly, headlights appeared in her rearview mirror OUT OF NOWHERE! The driver was barreling down on her and she was panicked!! Then the lights VANISHED!!!  Then in that instant there was a horrible scratching INSIDE her car and she hears a girl screaming! Then a terrible slam. Then...silence.  She races to the next stop sign, and in her rear view mirror she sees a kid standing there. Just standing there. 

Then...she was physically punched and petrified speechless! Twenty years later, Laurie is still moved to tears by the experience.

She told her parents, but they didn't believe her. It was too crazy to tell anyone else- so she stayed silent. But she refused to ever travel to Old Creek Road again.

Ten years later, she bumped into John, who had been in her graduating class.  They became dear friends. She finally told him the story of Old Creek Road, and he reminded her there had been an accident there during their junior year. Four students in a pick up truck were injured, one student named Mike was killed.

The story of the accident matched Laurie's story identically. She described the boy she saw in the road, and John told her that Mike was wearing the same outfit that he had been wearing the day he died.

The incident changed the rest of her life, and today Victoria writes ghost stories. 

Next, Scott Payonk and Drew Jenkins of the Lebanon Valley College class of 2005 tells his tale of horror in their dorm room right beside the railroad tracks.  During their sophomore year they met freshman Jen Garton.  These 2 guys were pranksters, who loved to scare the girls in their dorm with tales of a little girl's ghost that roamed the halls. 

To make their prank more interesting, they started playing sounds like a giggle and bounced a ball down the hall. Ha Ha. A few weeks later, however, the tables were turned.

First, the electronic equipment in their room started behaving outrageously!  Suddenly the TV would turn on and off with the volume at deafening levels. The guys took their electronic equipment apart, but could never figure out what had happened. 

Later, Jen was alone in the hallway at night and she saw a child like figure standing in the hallway! And the girl ran down the hallway playfully!  Jen chased her, but she disappeared into a stairwell. Vanished. 

Months later, the guys were studying when their door suddenly FLEW open! Drew went out into the hall and heard a little girl giggle! He ran to his room in absolute fear! 

Later, Drew was studying in his room when the door swung open and there was the little girls! She didn't like their prank, it seems! The guys decided they needed to fix this!!

Drew decided to research the story of the little girl with professor Kevin Pry. After hearing 200 stories of the little girl himself, he believes the boys' tale. It turns out, 30 years ago a little girl was with her sister on move in day, but she went outside to play with her ball and was hit by the freight train!

Drew realized perhaps they brought the spirit back with their ball prank.  So they apologized to the spirit. They left the ball for her, and all the activity ceased.



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